Eagle Pose for the 6th Chakra

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The 6th Chakra is located slightly above and behind your eyebrows, in your pineal gland, corresponds to the color indigo and is also called the Third eye chakra. A blocked 6th chakra might mean that you have lack of self-discipline, poor eyesight, headaches or fear of success. It's said that third eye it's the key to the soul, intuition, imagination, creativity but also the abilty to see reality clearly.

Poses that are good for the 6th chakra often have to do with balance, because you really have to silence your mind and concentrate on doing the pose and the present moment. While eagle pose, show in second picture below, might not seam like a very hard pose to do, try closing your eyes and maintaining it, you will soon get quite a challenge.       IMG_7226
To do Egle Pose, wrap the free leg around the standing leg, so that the toes of the foot wrap around the outside of the standing leg's ankle. The opposite arm should cross and be on-top, intertwine the arms so that the palms touch in front of your face.

Something that's very good for the 6th chakra is to meditate, I like to just do a simple meditation where I focus on my breath, but it's also good to do guided meditations like this one.

Photography by Ryan Hager
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