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Not sure what to do with all the pulp after you've done juicing carrots? Woop up some amazing raw carrot cake energy balls. You'll be surprised how yummy and healthy these treats are, topped with coconut sugar and ginger to make them extra fresh. Trail-mix and chia seeds adds consistency and energy, while the figs creates a nice doughy flavor.

Start by juicing carrots and about half a root of ginger. This will make your usual juice, and have leftover pulp. Carrots are packed with fiber, potassium, vitamin K and beta-carotene which is responsible for maintaing the health in your eyes.
Ginger protects agains cancer, has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces cholesterol levels. Put the trail-mix and figs into a blender or food-processor and grind it up into a chunky consistency. Then add it to the carrot pulp.
Stir in some of the carrot juice and add the chia- seeds. The chia seeds will help to get a bit of thickness.
Chia-seeds is a natural energy booster, have lots of omega-3 essential fatty acids. There is also as much calcium in 3 oz. of chia as there is in 2 cups of milk, and 3 oz. of chia equals as much iron as in 4 cups of spinach.
Proceed by rolling the mixture into the bit size balls. Now we just made the perfect raw carrot cake pick-me up!

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Raw Carrot Cake Recipe
8-10 Carrots
half of a ginger root
half cup of carrot/ginger juice
two tablespoons of lemon juice (optional)
1 cup trail-mix
10-15 figues
3 tablespoons chia-seeds
Garnish with ground ginger root
and sprinkle some coconut sugar on top!

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